Katherine Kemp Notable Cruise Industry Death Murder

Katherine Kemp Notable Cruise Industry Death

Katie KempKatherine Kemp Notable Cruise Industry Death Murder – Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Employee Katie Kemp Murdered – On Monday, August 6, 2018, at approximately 0850 hours,  Katherine (Katie) Kemp, 31, from Ipswich, Suffolk was murdered by her husband Thomas Kemp, age 32.

Mrs. Kemp  died from multiple stab wounds in her second floor apartment. A neighbor reportedly saw heavily blood-stained net curtains hanging out of the open window after the attack.

The couple lived for a year with their cat, at Siloam Place, Ipswich, United Kingdom, near Fred Olsen home office .

Katie worked as a Information Systems Administrator for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines at their home office for five years

Thomas Kemp had worked since 2011 as an administrator for nursing courses at the University of Suffolk’s School of Health Sciences. He was also studying for a post graduate degree in Business and Management at the university’s main campus in Ipswich.

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