Bruce Campbell Carnival Sunshine Passenger Stroke Death

Bruce Campbell Carnival Elation Passenger Stroke Death
Bruce Campbell Carnival Elation Passenger Stroke Death
Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell Carnival Sunshine Passenger Stroke Death – On December 21, 2019, Bruce Campbell, was a passenger aboard Carnival Cruise Line ship Carnival Sunshine with his wife, Narcene Campbell, when he suffered a stroke while playing bingo during the cruise.
Campbell was sent to a hospital in Freeport, but it lacked the equipment to properly treat him. His wife, Narcene Campbell, said she didn’t have the money to get him back to America. He was taken to the closest available hospital in Freeport, Bahamas before an anonymous donor paid $20,000 for Bruce Campbell to be medevaced to a hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Carnival Sunshine was in the Bahamas on December 21, 2019.  Campbell died on Friday, December 27, 2019 – Narcene said her husband was declared brain-dead early Friday morning.
A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise said Carnival officials provided 3 days emergency medical assistance on board and changed the ship’s itinerary to get him to the closest available hospital in Freeport, Bahamas.
“It took six hours for them to decide what to do with us, so they offloaded us in the middle of the Atlantic, onto a little tug boat and sent us here to Freeport,” Narcene said.

“The stroke was stronger than Freeport said. Because he didn’t get the necessary medicine on time, it was too late to give it to him now.” Sue Campbell said. Doctors are working to reduce the swelling on Bruce’s brain. Surgery may have to be performed to drain excess fluid if other methods are not successful.

Narcene said she remembered that her husband wanted to donate his organs to someone in need. Around 6 Friday evening, she said the hospital informed her that he was an eligible organ donor.

Narcene said as her husband was wheeled into the surgery room, hospital staff lined the hallways and offered words of support. “People we didn’t even know were lined up to tell us how happy they were for him, that he was able to give life in this tragedy,” she said. They even gave her a plaque with Bruce’s hand-print on it.

Narcene said she also made the decision to close their North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina business Sea Critters Depot. “That was his baby. He started that from the ground up with nothing and made it into what it was today, and for me to make that decision, that was probably the second toughest decision of my entire life I had to make, but I know I am not in any state to run the store,” she said. She said she will, of course, find all of the livestock in the store a home before shutting the doors. website states, “We have developed into the area’s largest fish store, regularly stocking over 200+ marine fish and 400+ corals.  With over 3,500 gallons of saltwater, Sea Critters Depot encompasses coral, clams, live rock, invertebrates, and other marine life.”

  • As of Tuesday, December 31, the  Go Fund Me page titled “Memory of Bruce Campbell help 4 Tragedy Expenses” has raised $20,270 of $50,000 goal [in addition to $20,000 anonymous donor]. The Gofundme page states, “8000 families a year lost a loved one who is desperately waiting on the precious gift of organ donation. In passing, Bruce gave 5+ people a chance at a better life. Even in death, he thought about others before himself. We are so honored to call him ours. As a family, we are grieving. We would like to take a second to express our gratitude to everyone who has texted and called to check up on Bruce and us.”
  • Carnival Sunshine departed from Charleston, South Carolina on December 19 at 1600 hours for a four-night cruise.  The cruise ship called at one port, Nassau, Bahamas, before returning to Charleston on December 23.

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