Leonardus Patra Carnival Dream Crew Illness Death

Leonardus Patra Carnival Dream Crew Illness Death
Leonardus Patra Carnival Dream Crew Illness Death

Leonardus PatraLeonardus Patra Carnival Dream Crew Illness Death – On Thursday, February 6, 2020, Leonardus (Leo) Patra, was from Ruteng, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia, but, lived in Houston, Texas, worked as crew aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ ship Carnival Dream, passed away in Quintanaroo, Mexico.

Leonardus Patra was engaged to be married to his fiance Dewy Jenudin.

He was transferred from Carnival Dream to a local hospital in the Yucatan, Mexico. According to reports the crew member had complained of a stomach pain a few days before he died. His family was notified the crew member died from a stomach infection.

Leonardus Patra started working for Carnival as a Galley Steward and was later promoted to Assistant Team Waiter. He was a very positive and humble person always willing to help his teammates.

His recruiting agency in Indonesia CTI has announced the sad news on the social media saying:

“We received the news from our client this afternoon and we have met directly with the family of the deceased. The management and extended family of CTI, Bali, will join in the morning and the return of the body to Indonesia.”

On his blog, Leo wrote, “A little story of this couple I met in a park in the Cadis city corner, with Spanish stumbling brick I tried to greet them, because scenes like this are rarely found in Indonesia so for me this was very inspiring or arguably a couple goal, after their basabasi had passed and it turns out his wife’s low vision (blind) but I see her husband is very romantic he explained with enthusiasm about what is around from the types of flowers and other contents of the park, this is not uncommon he issued praise for his wife very romantic, from their clothes very neat and fashionable I can’t think how her husband prepared it all.”