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Cruise Ship Deaths
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About Cruise Ship Deaths

Wikipedia: The ancient Egyptians are most famous for their fascination of death by mummifying their dead and building exquisite tombs, like the pyramids of Giza, for their dead. Many of their deities were death-related, such as: Ammut, the devourer of unworthy souls; Anubis, the guardian of the Necropolis and the keeper of poisons, medicines, and herbs; and Osiris, the king of the dead.

Death is part of life and living none of us can avoid. That said, death is a curious topic, often surrounded by mystery and conjecture when a person of interest to the reader, dies "mysteriously", suddenly, without prior warning, at sea.

Back in early 2005, I noted that when someone died at sea, it was big news. People die every day, in cities around the world. However, only the shocking, unusual deaths garnered public attention in the past. Our goal is to show deaths at sea are very common and very few involve foul play. The Cruise Ship Deaths database in far from inclusive. The main purpose is to show, the many reasons people die during a cruise voyage and to some degree, to show that to die at sea doing what a person loves most, can be calming, peaceful, place to spend the final moments of life.

The Cruise Ship Deaths website documents cases of death by name, age, cause, location, cruise line and cruise ship in an effort to show, for the most part the random distribution of deaths at sea. Along the way we find notable cruise industry deaths and deaths of persons who have interest to some sectors of society. We try to be random in our data collections, just as most deaths at sea are also largely random with no direct connection to anyone cruise line or cruise ship. The exception would be in deaths related to sinking, fires or terror attacks.

If you came looking for cruise ship death and did not find it, contact us and we will try to add it to the database. Resources: