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Cruise Ship Deaths
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Trend Statistics For Cruise Ship Deaths' Website

Trend Statistics For Cruise Ship Deaths' Website - We have begun our second batch of site statistics, when complete, unless otherwise stated the statistics will cover cruise line, cruise ship, passenger and crew deaths that exist on

Trends and statistics are collected only to assist during site renovations. As we work through the data collected over the last 10 years, we began to see trends. The types of deaths, ages and causes showed patterns we wanted to study further. During our research, we changed course and made a complete count of all deaths on or connected to articles. We noted that we needed to collect more data on each soul status and include their age, cause of death, more than our original vessel details. As our research expanded we adjusted our categorizations to closely match the existing data and research more on each soul when articles did not contain sufficient data. The statistics here are presented in raw form of only total counts of passenger deaths on and connected to a cruise line, cruise ship, charter, cruise ship excursions or other passengers on ship or docked at port. Our statistics only cover content from this site, it does not represent a complete list for any ship or line.

Data to support our cruise line and cruise ship statistics is accessible on this site, ( Use our site navigation to visit each page related to the categories and enjoy your research.

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