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Frank Kochish
Suicide Overboard

Carnival Inspiration - May 18, 2006

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Frank Kochish, 82 - Suicide Overboard

Carnival Inspiration Passenger, May 18, 2006

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Time of Death is unknown

This is the case that was known as 82 Yr Old Male Missing In Cabin M236 on Carnival Cruise Line's Inspiration May 19, 2006 near Cozumel, Mexico. A family member reported that the man was his father, Frank Kochish, 82, from Sun City Center, Florida.

"Frank Kochish, was my mothers ex-husband and close friend. He left the following note to the cruise line captain. I retain a copy of the letter as it was also sent to my mother via mail."

"My name is Frank Kochish, residing at xxx xxxxxxx xx, Sun City Center, Florida 33573. I am 82 years of age and presently of sound mind. I have two reasons for leaving this message. The first is to declare my death legally official, without any involvement of foul play.

The second reason is to bring public and medical awareness about a horrible disease. I am hoping that the following information will be made public and the unfortunate individuals who are also afflicted with the same dreadful and relatively little known, incurable disease will reap the benefit of a cure in the near future.

I am speaking of Interstitial Cystisis. With the help of my loved ones, I have been battling this horrible disease for seven years, having tried every possible treatment that numerous doctors have recommended, including........

I have reached the end of the line. I can no longer deal with the relentless, never ending, severe to excruciating pain and decided to take my own life in the cool, soothing waters of the sea."

Signed Frank Kochish

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