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Glenn Sheridan
Overboard Unknown

Carnival Cruise Lines - November 24, 2004

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Glenn Sheridan, 54 - Overboard Unknown

Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger, November 24, 2004

Time of Death 1:30

Time of Cruise Ship Death Glenn Sheridan

Glenn Sheridan, 54, from Williamsburg, Virginia was last seen by his wife, Gloria, at 0130 hours, on the American Thanksgiving Day aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' Celebration.

She noticed him missing around 0700 hours on November 24, 2004. Gloria indicated her husband was an earlier riser, and might have fallen overboard as early as 0430 hours A search for Mr. Sheridan was conducted onboard at 1130 hours after numerous announcements for him over the ship public address system went unanswered.

Mrs. Sheridan officiallly reported her husband missing when the ship docked in Jacksonville, Florida after their five-day trip to the Bahamas.

Ship documents show he never left the ship.

Coast Guard search boats from Mayport, a helicopter and a jet from Miami looked for Mr. Sheridan, covering more than 300 square miles of the St. Johns River and Jacksonville coast, and were called off the next day.

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