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Tammy Grogan
Suspicious Overboard Passenger

Carnival Imagination - September 10, 2006

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Tammy Grogan
Suspicious Overboard Passenger

Carnival Imagination September 10, 2006

Time of Death 1:30

Time of Cruise Ship Death Tammy Grogan

Tammy Grogan, 35, from Ohio worked for a local Dentist in the West Toledo area of Ohio. She is described as being very nice and very pleasant by those who knew her. She was aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' Imagination when she disappeared on September 10, 2006.

The missing cruise ship passenger, previously unidentified, was named on September 13, 2006. She was traveling with her 14 year old son, sister, and two friends, on a four-day cruise to Key West and Calica, which is the port for Playa del Carmen. The ship's last port of call in Mexico was Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan peninsula. A family member reported Tammy missing, 32 hours after she was last seen.

Carnival Cruise Lines says, on September 11, 2006 a guest approached the Information Desk on board the cruise ship Imagination to report a family member missing.

Robert Grogan, a family member, says they thought Tammy was enjoying herself on the ship, and they only became concerned when she didn't show up for a meeting. Then, when the ship docked and they still hadn't seen her, they notified the ship she was missing.

Tammy was last seen by family aboard the Imagination around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday September 10, 2006, Lt. Cmdr. Chris O'Neil, Coast Guard spokesman, said. But, she was reported missing on Monday morning.

Tammy had been seen by family after the last port of call. So, it is assumed she was lost at sea.

Ms. Grogan's cabin on the ship was searched, and some passengers were interviewed regarding her disappearance, said Judy Orihuela, an FBI spokesman in Miami.

The Coast Guard was alerted about the man overboard report around 9:30 a.m. Monday when the Imagination tied up in Miami, O'Neil said. The area where the woman went missing was in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Coast Guard spokesman Dana Warr said Monday that there were no planes or vessels launched to search for the woman because it had been nearly 36 hours since anyone had last seen her.

"We did notify the Mexican Rescue Coordination Center," Warr said, and sent a radio message to mariners in the area where Imagination sailed Sunday.

The message asked fishing, cargo and other vessels to call the Coast Guard if they see anything unusual. The area is about 400 miles from Miami, Warr said.

The Imagination returned to the Port of Miami Monday morning, September 11, 2006, from a four-day cruise to Key West and Calica. All proper authorities have been notified and a full investigation is underway.

A passenger reported they heard the page for the woman right before they disembarked, and it was stated she was staying in a penthouse suite.

In a strange turn of events, a Toledo Ohio newspaper is reporting that when her son returned home from the cruise, he found things missing from the apartment he shared with his mother. A computer, jewelry, and credit cards were taken, police said. It is unclear if the burglary and the missing person case are related. There was no evidence of a forced entry into the apartment.

A news story posted on the web by a local television station has reported new evidence in this case.

According to the story, Tammy Grogan's son, Jimmy Fleischmann, was removed from school on December 11, 2006 by police officials. They say he is a witness and they needed further information from him regarding the disappearance of his mother. There is no indication what new information police were seeking, or what they think he witnessed, when they reinterviewed her son yesterday.

There are reports than an arrest in the Tammy Grogan missing person case may be near. New information points to Tammy having been murdered either before or as a result of being thrown overboard.

Tammy's mother was on the cruise with her. She says that traveling companions spiked a glass of water they served her the night Tammy went missing, to get her out of the way while they murdered Tammy.

Bonnie Grogan says that Tammy's son, Jimmy Fleischmann was involved with a man, Craig Morgan, age 25, who had become a lavish benefactor and too friendly, in a touchy-feely way, and Tammy had begun to disapprove of the relationship that had been elevated to a level that was uncomfortable for Tammy.

Investigators say spending money on Tammy and her son was at an excessive level, with Jimmy having received 23 watches from Morgan who would hire a limo to take himself and Jimmy to restaurants and had also showered Tammy with jewelry.

Bonnie Grogan says Craig Morgan paid for the cruise the family went on, but did not go on the cruise himself. Tammy accepted the trip because it was free.

Tammy had told Jimmy and Craig Morgan the relationship was over between the benefactor and her son. At that point, the family says Craig Morgan told Jimmy not to worry about it. Right after that an all expenses paid cruise was announced.

Once on the cruise, Tammy learned that one of Craig Morgans relatives and her male friend were on the cruise as well Tammy and her relatives, including Jimmy Fleischmann's great aunt Deb Graf, Morgan's sister Rebecca Morgan, and Rebecca's ex-boyfriend Robbie Pantosia. Craig Morgan was not on the ship.

Bonnie Grogan, Tammy's mother says she requested a glass of water while in Tammy's cabin, a suite with a balcony. Craig Morgan's friend took Bonnie out on the balcony while Jimmy filled her glass with the water in the bathroom. After drinking the glass of water, she passed out and doesn't remember anything until the next morning.

Later, investigators said they found the date rape drug Rohypnol in Bonnie's drink. They also found handwritten notes from Craig Morgan researching Rohypnol and other date rape drugs. Morgan's reasoning was that his sister Rebecca was having problems sleeping and he was trying to help her.

James Fleischmann, Sr. was Jimmy Fleischmann's legal guardian for two and a half years after Tammy disappeared.

As the investigation continued, Sept. 29, 2009 the family learned that Jimmy Fleischmann had gone AWOL from his basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. Fleischmann had graduated high school early after this mother's disappearance in order to join the military.

Bonnie reported she had not drank any alcoholic beverages that night, and in fact never drinks alcoholic beverages. There was no reason for her to pass out and remember nothing, unless her drink had been spiked.

Tammy's son says he went to the cabin occupied by Morgan's relative and friend and spent the night there. But, investigators say that Jimmy and the Morgan's friend went to Tammy and Jimmy's cabin once later that night.

During the break-in to Tammy's apartment while she was on the cruise, the jewelry given to her by so-called rich Morgan, as well as the hard drive to Tammy's computer, was missing. What was on that computer hard drive worth stealing, is still a mystery.

Her family was at her one story brick apartment, that Tammy had shared with her son, on September 13 packing boxes and said they had little information about her disappearance. A fellow tenant described Tammy as being the cleanest tenant in the building.

This is the third unfortunate event to affect Tammy Grogan in recent years. A few years ago a fire displaced her from her apartment, now the apartment robbery, and the disappearance.

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