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Tyler King, 18
Suicidal Behavior

Carnival Ecstasy - September 29, 2014

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Tyler King, 18 - Suicidal Behavior

Carnival Ecstasy, September 29, 2014

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Tyler King, 18, was having a great voyage on the Carnival Fantasy on January 3, 2007. The ship was at sea, 250 miles southwest of Clearwater Beach, Florida, when things took an awful turn. The next King knew he was falling overboard from the ship's mast, and landed on a deck 20 feet below.

King landed on his head causing head trauma, a hematoma behind the eye and a broken bone in his face. The Coast Guard received a call at 10:52 a.m. January 3, 2006, from a doctor on board the Carnival Fantasy that they had a passenger on board with serious injuries.

The U. S. Coast Guard Air Station in Clearwater Florida sent a rescue crew, launching an HH-60 rescue helicopter and a C-130 search plane to assist in the medevac of King. The rescue crews arrived on scene at 12:46 p.m. and safely hoisted King into the rescue helicopter.

King was last reported at Tampa General Hospital. His condition was stable.

It is unclear why he was heading overboard, whether intentionally, by accident, or as a result of foul play. Luckily, he landed on the deck, and not in the water.

UPDATE; This is the first case of young adult male passenger climbing a Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship mast, falling to a lower deck.

The second case took place off Miami, Florida aboard Carnival Ecstasy on September 29, 2014, just before Carnival Ecstasy was docking from a Caribbean cruise. That cruise ship passenger died.

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