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James Swinstead
Accidental Death

Marco Polo - February 14, 2014

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James Swinstead, 85 - Accidental Death

Marco Polo Passenger, February 14, 2014

Time of Death 1:00

Time of Cruise Ship Death James Swinstead

James Swinstead, 85, died on February 14, 2014 while cruising aboard the Cruise and Maritime Voyages' Marco Polo during rough seas on the final night of a 42-day cruise.

Swinstead died when a rogue wave crashed through a dining room window around 1pm, killing him almost instantly on Valentine's Day. The Marco Polo was en route from Azores to her home port in Tilbury, United Kingdom.

Numerous passengers of the 735 aboard were injured during the high seas incident.

The Marco Polo built in 1965, has an ice strengthened hull designed for sailings to the Arctic and Antarctica Polar regions. When first built the Marco Polo was named Aleksandr Pushkin (1965-1991). Then, the 578-foot-long cruise ship was renamed Marco Polo in 1991.

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