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Kendall Wernet
Accidental Death

Carnival Ecstasy - September 29, 2014

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Kendall Wernet, 20 - Accidental Death

Carnival Ecstasy Passenger, September 29, 2014

Time of Death is unknown Time of Cruise Ship Death Kendall Wernet

Kendall Wernet, 20, a Clemson University student from Asheville, North Carolina, was cruising on Carnival Cruise Lines' Carnival Ecstasy on the morning of September 29, 2014.

As the cruise ship was returning from a 3-night Caribbean cruise to the port of Miami, Florida, Wernet decided to climb the cruise ship's mast platform and fell over 20 feet to his death.

Wernet was transported to the hospital after getting emergency treatment aboard Carnival Ecstasy; he later died from a blunt-trauma head injury in Miami, Florida's Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

Reports from those who with Wernet when the accident took place, said that Wernet and a handful of other students who were on an awards cruise within the group of 130 students decided to climb the platform to see the view of the Miami sunrise as the cruise ship was sailing into the Port Of Miami.

The group said they got the idea after seeing another group up on the platform the night before. All of the students on the platform were lying down, but Wernet was standing when the ship's radar went live. When the ship's radar came on, the arm of the radar caught Wernet and threw him a distance of twenty feet to the running track deck below.

Wernet's Facebook page says he was from Winter Park, Florida. His Facebook page also said he was co-founder at The Driven Vision and Regional Manager at Young Entrepreneurs Across America. The Driven Vision website says: "Kendall attends Clemson University where he majors in business management with a minor in accounting."

Tragically, we have a similar case of young, male adult climbing the cruise ship mast of another Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship, with resulting dire consequences. The warning has been on our website for over seven years and there were warnings not to enter the restricted area of the Carnival Ecstasy, yet this young man chose to ignore what should have been common sense.

Cruise Bruiseposted the original cruise ship of Tyler KIng's cruise ship mast fall on January 3, 2007.

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