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Marcus Peter Volke
Murders Mayang Prasetyo

Cruise Ship Chef Butchers Cooks Transgender Spouse October 4, 2014

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Marcus Peter Volke Murders Mayang Prasetyo

Cruise Ship Chef Butchers Cooks Transgender Spouse October 4, 2014

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Mayang Prasetyo, 27, from Lampung, Indonesia, a transgender woman born as a man, worked on a cruise ship when she met her cruise ship chef boyfriend from Australia, Marcus Peter Volke, 28, soon to be husband, when they both were employed aboard a cruise ship sailing in Europe back in 2013..

Mayang Prasetyo and Marcus Peter Volke who had a black belt in karate, had dated since meeting on the cruise ship then married in Europe back in August 2013. Ms Prasetyo began working at Melbourne transgender show Le Femme Garcon and as a prostitute in a legal brothel. The couple had recently moved to Brisbane.

They had reportedly been on vacation from their cruise ship jobs and had moved from Victoria a few weeks prior into a brand new, upscale, apartment complex, DoubleOne3, on Commercial Road which only had been open for a couple months. Residents hadn't had time to form opinions about others living in the apartment building.

Marcus Peter Volke Cruise Ship Chef Murder

Mayang Prasetyo, who had been advertising online as a transgender escort, "top high-class Asian shemale" for a fee of $500 since the marriage to Marcus Peter Volke, was found butchered into pieces and stuffed into trash bags in their upscale Australia apartment with the exception of the body parts found cooking inside a large pot on the stove when local police searched their apartment.

Residents reported hearing loud arguments coming from the apartment up to a week before police entered the apartment. Two days before Mayaang's body was found, Marcus Peter Volke arrived at a nearby hospital with a cut hand and told hospital employees his partner cut him in a domestic incident. Neighbors had complained of a stench coming from the former cruise ship crew members' Brisbane, Australia suburb Teneriffe apartment,which was described as eye-watering" and smelling like a repulsive combination of dog food and rotting meat.

Police removed several, live pug dogs from the dead couple's apartment. The couple had reportedly been breeding dogs as a form of additional income.

Nining Sukarni, Prasetyo's mother, said her child, who she referred to as her son Febri, could be jealous and temperamental.

When police entered the couple's apartment, they said Marcus Peter Volke immediately fled through a back a window. He was later found in a dumpster, a block away, having slit his own throat during his suicide.

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