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Kristin Schroder
Suicide Overboard

Carnival Spirit - May 8, 2013

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Kristin Schroder, 26 - Suicide Overboard

Carnival Spirit Passenger, May 8, 2013

Time of Death 9:00

Time of Cruise Ship Death Kristen Schroder

Paul Rossington

Kristen Schroder - Paul Rossington, Two Australia Cruise Ship Passengers Overboard Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Spirit - May 8, 2013.

Kristen Schroder, 26, from Australia, apparently fell overboard from Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Spirit after at least a couple arguments with her fiancé Paul Rossington, 30, on the last night of the cruise. Schroder was in her cabin bedroom when she went out onto the fifth floor balcony and went over the railing.

Carnival Spirit CCTV show's Paul Rossington sitting in the cruise ship casino playing a slot machine and Kristen Schroder sitting on the bar stool next to him. The couple appear to have a verbal argument. After the apparent argument, the couple share a kiss and Kristen Schroder walks away.

Two hours later the couple were dining in a restaurant aboard the cruise ship when couple were seen arguing over dinner and Mr Rossington allegedly accuses Kristen Schroder of flirting with another man. Rossington leaves the table and goes back to their cabin.

Around 2100 hours, CCTV footage shows Kristen Schroder, climbing over the balcony of their cabin, hanging onto the railing for a few seconds before plunging into the sea. Schroders fiancé Paul Rossington, who was a Paramedic, jumped overboard naked in an attempt to save her. Neither were ever seen again.

At a 2015 coroner's inquest requesting a ruling of "accidental death" for the couple's presumed deaths, Detective Sergeant Michael O'Keefe told the inquest that Rossington showed anact of conspicuous courage when he dove into the sea after Schroder, saying Rossington should be awarded the Cross of Valour.

The inquest also heard the couple had been together for ten months and the cruise was a "make-or-break" for their volatile but not violent relationship.

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