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Lemuel Lizada
Suspicious Traumatic Injuries

Star Princess - June 14, 2014

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Lemuel Lizada, - Suspicious Traumatic Injuries

Star Princess Crew, June 14, 2014

Time of Death is unknown

Time of Cruise Ship Death Lemuel Lizada

Lemuel Lizada from Barangay Ungka, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines, had been a cruise ship crew member aboard Princess Cruises Star Princess for about a month when he died on June 14, 2014, shortly after speaking with family, who he called daily.

Lemuel Lizada got his job at Princess Cruises through Magsaysay Maritime Corp, who called the family on June 15, 2014, to tell them their son had died aboard the Star Princess. The cause of death was stated as "cardiopulmonary disease."

July 28, 2014, Lemuel Lizada's body arrived back in the Philippines and the family ordered an autopsy. The autopsy report stated that Lemuel had died from "traumatic injuries." The family believes Lemuel Lizada was murdered. With no witnnesses, the family was getting nowhere. They repeatedly requested a death certificate and were ignored.

The family was getting no assistance and offered only a tiny settlement. Then, they contacted the Center for Seafarers' Rights offered by the Seamen's Church Institute (SCI). SCI operates the world's only full-time, free legal aid program for merchant mariners .

The Center for Seafarers' Rights works to improve laws and practices that protect mariners and increase the safety and security of the maritime industry.

SCI lawyers of Free Legal Assistance for Seafarers got Lemuel Lizada's family full death compensation as mandated by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA) of $50,000, plus $7,000 for each of his two children and a burial assistance payment of $1,000, or a total of $65,000.

In 2013, there are an estimated 460,000 Filipinos employed as seamen worldwide, more than any other nationality

Had the family hired a lawyer in the United States, their settlement would have been decreased by hefty lawyer fees.

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