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Neha Chhikara
Suspicious Overboard

Monarch Of The Seas - January 1, 2010

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Neha Chhikara, 23 - Suspicious Overboard

Monarch Of The Seas Crew, January 1, 2010

Time of Death is unknown

Time of Cruise Ship Death Neha Chhikara

Neha Chhikara, 23, from India, worked as a crew member along with her husband Ankit Dalal who worked in a position of management aboard Monarch Of The Seas on January 1, 2010 when she went missing.

Neha, a former air hostess with Indigo Airlines, is reported to have jumped into the sea from Monarch Of The Seas while the cruise ship was in the Bahamas, as a result of physical and mental abuse from her husband and his family while she was working aboard the cruise ship.

Her family has accused Neha's husband Ankit Dalal, father-in-law Doctor S S Dalal, who is also the chief medical officer at the Gurgaon Civil Hospital, mother-in-law Nirmal Dalal and her sister-in-law for harassing Neha for a dowry, soon after her marriage to Ankit Dalal.

Ankit has been employed with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for almost seven years. The two were married in August 2008.

Neha's father Suresh Chhikara said that Neha's in-laws used to beat her and demanded money since their marriage.

Her family said they spent over Rs 45 lakh ($100,600 usd) on the wedding and gave the Dalals Rs 15 lakh ($33,500 usd) in cash. Just after the marriage, they demanded Rs 10 lakh ($22,300 usd) more and we gave them that too.

Keep in mind that the groom's father, really not needing the money, was a doctor and the bride had been working, making a full time income since her marriage, having never been a financial burden to her husband nor his family.

Charges were filed in India. Neha's father filed a FIR under Sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 406 (criminal misappropriation of property entrusted to someone) and 498 (dowry harassment) of the IPC," Gurgaon police commissioner S S Deswal said.

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