Natural Causes

Natko Nincevic Carnival Corp Notable Cruise Industry Death

February 17, 2017

Natko Nincevic, Carnival Cruise Lines VP Hotel Operations, Died in Florida on February 17, 2017, Time of Death Unknown. Natko Nincevic, a native of Croatia, who lived in Parkland, Florida died on Friday, February 17, 2017. Nincevic […]

Natural Causes

Jerry Lee Kearns Cruise Ship Passenger Death MSC Magnifica

August 26, 2016

Jerry Lee Kearns, Cruise Ship Passenger Death, MSC Magnifica Mediterranean Cruise August 26, 2016, Time of Death Unknown. Jerry Lee Kearns, 84, from Oklahoma, was aboard MSC Cruises MSC Magnifica with his great nephew, Brian Kirn, in […]

Accidental Deaths

3 Crew Dead, Accidental Deaths, Monarch Of The Seas Crew

September 2, 2005

3 Crew Dead, – Accidental Deaths, Monarch Of The Seas Crew, September 2, 2005, Time of Death 9:00. Date: September 2, 2005 Cause: Sewer Gas Leak Crew: Boris Dimitrov – Bulgaria Radomilja Frane – Croatia Willie Tirol – […]